HDRSource HDR Libraries:

HDRSource specializes in 360-degree HDR (High Dynamic Range Images) and sIBL (Smart Image-Based Lighting) photography libraries. Our panoramas are amongst the largest resolutions in the 3D industry. These image formats are compatible with most major 3D modeling and rendering applications.

HDR images provide accurate environmental lighting conditions that will present your 3D models and scenes photorealistically. This method of Image Based Lighting (IBL) works by enveloping your 3D scenes and models within a virtual HDR “sphere.” Due to this “wrapping,” rays of light from HDRs and other nuances such as reflections are calculated from numerous directions, something standard point-lighting setups fall short of accomplishing.

Our sIBL-formatted HDR libraries also provide an ease-of-use across many popular 3D applications. sIBL libraries are used for quick and efficient lighting setups. sIBL intelligently “swaps” parameters within your rendering application so that your 3D renderings are highly optimized with a push of the button.

sIBL libraries and files are provided at no extra cost with our older library releases and are included with your purchases.