Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Welcome to the HDRSource website.

We specialize in 360-degree High Dynamic Range Images and sIBL (Smart Image-Based Lighting) libraries. Our High Dynamic Range panoramas are suitable for use in a wide-variety of 3-D applications. These images provide realistic environmental lighting conditions to your 3D models and renderings. Our panoramic High Dynamic Range Images are some of the largest resolution HDRs and available on the Internet and are available in our store section.

Our sIBL formatted HDR libraries also provide unprecedented ease-of-use across a wide-variety of 3D applications for extremely quick and very efficient 3D lighting setups. 3D Image-based Lighting has never been easier – sIBL is pretty much just a push of the button and you are ready to render. These sIBL libraries and files are provided at no extra cost and are included for download with every full High Dynamic Range image that we release.

HDRSource also specializes in 360-degree Virtual Tours for Real Estate sales and marketing materials. Please inquire within to find out additional information about our wide range of services.

During the coming weeks and months, we will be adding additional 360-degree photographs and environments to our online store and gallery. Please stay tuned.